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The Baja SAE BRASIL program is a challenge launched to undergraduate students from all over the country, offering an opportunity to apply in practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom.


By participating in the Baja SAE program, the student will be part of the development of an off-road vehicle, from conception, design, through manufacturing and testing. At the end, the winning teams are invited to participate in the international competition, in Maryland in the United States. The students, to join Baja SAE Brazil, must form teams to represent the Higher Education Institution to which they are enrolled.


There are several tests such as suspension, traction and enduro, among others, that take all vehicle components to the limit. The enduro, for example, consists of two parts of an hour and a half each, with logs, holes and curves being the obstacles to be overcome. Despite putting the car and the driver under great stress, safety is a priority, as the organization employs high rigor with regard to the various equipment and standards to be complied with.

During competitions, the car is presented to a body of judges, where all the characteristics adopted in the vehicle design are justified, in addition to undergoing rigorous safety, comfort, engine and fueling system inspections. After these stages, baja goes through several challenges to elect the best cars and drivers.



Who can join the team?

We accept students from all undergraduate courses who have regularized registration at UTFPR - Curitiba. We've already had math, design, engineering, organizational communication students and we intend to increase diversity even more!

What skills do I need to know to be part of the project?

Here at Imperador, we value much more the candidate’s willingness to learn and humility than necessarily their personal knowledge about a subject. In this way, everything that is necessary to be part of the Selection Process and the team is taught over time. 

What is the average workload? On-site or remote?

The workload can vary greatly depending on the time of year. In pre-competition periods, it is customary to work about 15 to 20 hours a week for mechanical subsystems, most of which are on weekends and face-to-face. For administrative subsystems, it is common for this workday to be performed remotely.

What types of competitions does the team participate in?

We participate in two annual competitions: the Regional stage, which takes place in some state between RS, SC and PR, and also the National stage, which usually takes place in São José dos Campos - SP. The team travels with the university bus to do maneuverability, traction, a 4-hour enduro, project presentations and other different tests!

What are the benefits of being part of the project?

During graduation, we eventually heard that we need to be part of some extension project to be able to close the additional hours. We, here at Imperador, disagree that the project has just this purpose. By participating in the project, you put into practice all the abstract knowledge that was taught in the classroom. Its learning curve in problem solving, data analysis, interpretation of results, leadership, general mechanics, among others, is extremely high. In addition, your interpersonal relationships are improved, you create true friends within the university and connect directly with people who already work in the industry.

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