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    Imperador is made up of students from various courses at the Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR). Since 2008, Imperador has achieved significant results in competitions, such as 7th Place in Design, 3rd Place in Maneuverability, 1st Place in Sales and Marketing and 1st Place in the Technical Challenge in the 2023 Baja Nacional;  3rd lgeneral position in Baja Sul, 2018.

    In the 2023 Baja Nacional stage, we won 6th place overall, in a competition with more than 70 participating teams! Following our motto #AvanteImperador, we aim to climb increasingly better positions, trusting in the commitment and work of each member and counting on the support of each sponsor.



is to provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the design of an off-road vehicle, contributing to the development of skills that go beyond what is offered in the classroom, leaving the Emperor Family mark in their lives.

To be well recognized in the business and academic environment for the quality of training of our members, ensuring the team's prominence at the national and international level



  • Humility | Willingness to teach and learn from other members

  • Proactivity | Ability to take on challenges and responsibilities

  • Dedication | For the quality and improvement of the project

  • Growth | Personal development without harming others

  • Respect | Accept and support everyone as a family

  • Communication | Knowing how to express and respect opinions

  • Creativity | Authenticity and innovation in problem solving

  • Time management | Ensure productivity in managing your priorities

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Meet the team.


Matheus Fabiano


Materazzi Recortado.png

Lucas Zenedin

Member of Structures


Gabriel Cuevas

Brake Member

Felipe Miranda (Tino) Recortado.png

Felipe Miranda

Brake Member

Cópia_de_WhatsApp_Image_2022-09-16_at_08.53.49-removebg-preview (1).png

Davi Nascimento

Administrative manager

Guilherme Bofi (Toro) Recortado.png

Guilherme Cargnelutti

Transmission Member


Vitor Tavares

Suspension Member

julie 2024.png

Nicole Costa

Transmission Member

FotoImp-Marreta (Nathan) Recortado.png

Nathan Lins

Suspension Member


Caesar Bet

Transmission Member

Cópia_de_SURICATTO-01-removebg-preview (1).png

Gustavo Cecatto

Broadcast Manager

Lima (2) Recortado.png

Octavio Barreto

Member of Structures

Matheus Zella (Ronald) Recortado.png

Matheus Zella

Transmission Member

Marco Polo Recortado.png

Victor Armstrong 

Member of Electronics


Victor Grycajuk

Electronics Manager

Betina recortada.png

Heloísa Geuss

Member of ADM & Marketing


André Novack

Suspension Manager


Murilo Pazinatto

Structures Manager

Mary Recortada.png

Nicole Hemp

Member of ADM & Marketing


Lucas Hathos

Suspension Member

Lambari Recortado.png

Rafael Rasoto

Member of Electronics

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